Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Start Menu Bug

When using Zorin OS 6 in Windows 7 mode, sometimes the Zorin start button will become unresponsive to a left mouse click. Left clicking the start button multiple times will also cause this bug to occur. (see fig. 1)

fig. 1 -- Zorin OS Start Menu Button Bug

However, you can still perform a right mouse click on the Zorin start button. Select Preferences and click the OK button. A prompt will be displayed asking "Menu needs to restart, restart now?". Click the Yes button. The blue Zorin start button will then change to a sad smiley face and then a message appears saying "Whoops! The applet has crashed. Click to restart it.". Click the sad smiley face and the blue Zorin start menu button will reappear and will be responsive once again to a left mouse click.

This is a bug the Zorin developers definitely need to fix.


  1. Sorry to say, but even now, Zorin is still having this problem. Used Chrome to remote into friend's machine and ended up taking her off Windows 7 and into Gnome.

    I think I am going to have to remove Zorin from our "recommended" distro list. I don't know what else to do.

    1. Have you downloaded the latest version of Zorin OS? The current version is 6.2. According to the Zorin OS website, they have fixed many of the issues with the menu. You may want to read the following link:


      I started using Zorin OS because of the similarities to Windows 7 in terms of desktop function. I began using Zorin since version 5.2 and I always got frustrated when the menu would just freeze up. However, I have been using version 6.2 since it was released and I do not notice the menu freezing up at all or the other items I mentioned in my blog. It may be worthwhile downloading Zorin 6.2 and see if you have better results in Windows 7 mode.

      Thank you for your comments.

  2. JJ thanks. No, that's the version the client is running. I'm going to have her do alt F2 and get into a terminal from there and do an apt-get dist-upgrade to see if it makes any difference. Bless her heart, she wouldn't know a right click from a left click so trying to get her on the same page over the phone is a nightmare.

    Of course, Chrome remote desktop would have been nice. but I forgot to install that on her Chrome before I left. Trying to get all of this fixed over the phone would make me want to chew broken glass,

    60 mile round trip if the dist-upgrade doesn't work. I've had this same issue with dozens of my clients or friends running Zorin...most of them could figure out how to get in Gnome mode and fix it. In her case, it looks like a mini road trip. Thanks for working with me.

  3. Hope the update solution works for you. You may also want to go into System Settings and see if Additional Drivers may need to be added. I almost abandoned installing Zorin because of my NVIDIA graphics card, but I was able to get Zorin up and running once I installed the necessary NVIDIA drivers.

    There are many Linux open source operating systems to choose from that finding the best one is that of personal preference and how easy it is to use.