Monday, November 12, 2012

1.5 - Post Installation

1.5.1 - Install Updates

After installing Zorin OS 6 Core, the first thing you need to do is install important updates. This ensures your operating system has the latest security updates and updates to installed applications. To perform updates on your computer, you can click the following: Start > System Tools >  Administration > Update Manager. (see fig. 1)

fig. 1 -- Update Manager

Another way of doing this is to open a terminal session by clicking Start > Accessories > Terminal or use the Keyboard Shortcut:  Ctrl + Alt + T.   Type the following commands: sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade(see fig. 2)

fig. 2 -- Using terminal commands to update

1.5.2 - Install dconf Editor

This is an excellent GUI (graphical user interface) application that allows you to edit desktop environmental settings. This application can be download with the Software Center. Click Start > Software Center. Type dconf in the search box to look for the application and click the Install button. (see fig. 3)

fig. 3 -- dconf Editor

1.5.3 - Check for Available Proprietary Hardware Drivers

This may include such items as graphics, sound and wireless drivers.  Click Start > System Settings > Additional Drivers. In the example below, an NVIDIA graphics card driver has been found. Select the appropriate driver in the list and click the Activate button. You may be asked to restart your computer for this to take effect. (see fig. 4)

fig. 4 -- Additional Drivers

1.4 - Installation

Once you have created a live DVD of Zorin OS 6 core, it is time to install the operating system on your computer's hard drive. Installing Zorin OS 6 is relatively easy if selecting a simple configuration whether you are completing a brand new installation or installing Zorin with an existing operating system already installed on your computer. However, this process can be more complex if you decide to resize or partition your computer's hard drive which the more experienced Linux user is more likely to do.

Let's start out with the simple configuration first. While running the live DVD, click the “Install Zorin OS” icon located on the desktop. (see fig. 1)

fig. 1 -- Zorin OS 6 Desktop

A small window will appear in the middle of the screen titled “Install” and “Welcome”. You are prompted to select the language you wish to install for your new Zorin OS 6 installation. Select your preferred language and click the Continue button. (see fig. 2)

fig. 2 -- Select language

In preparing to install Zorin, the installer suggests your computer has at least 7.7 GB available of drive space and is connected to the Internet for best results. If your computer is not currently connected to the Internet, it is still possible to install Zorin. Click the Continue button to go to the next step. (see fig. 3)

fig. 3 -- Preparing to Install Zorin for best results

At this point of the installation process, you are asked how do you want to install Zorin on your computer. There are three possible options which include the following:

Option #1: Install Zorin alongside them.
If the installer detects there is an existing operating system already installed on your computer's hard drive, you have the option to install Zorin OS as a second operating system for your computer. In selecting this option, this will create a dual-boot system that allows the user to select which operating system to use as you turn on your computer for the first time.

Option #2: Erase disk and install Zorin.
By selecting this option, you are telling the installer to format your computer's hard drive and install Zorin OS as the only operating system on your computer. Make sure you have backed up any important files or have a system backup available if you decide to revert back to your old system before you select this option.

Option #3: Something else.
This option is for the more experienced Linux user by having the ability to resize and partition your computer's hard drive before installing Zorin OS.

(see fig. 4)

fig. 4 -- Installation type

“Where are you?” At this point of the installation process, you are being asked what city you live in. Select a city that is closest to you (if not listed) and in the same time zone. This will set the computer's clock to the appropriate time. (see fig. 5)

fig. 5 -- "Where are you?"
Setting the computer's clock

Next, you are prompted to select your Keyboard Layout. Select the appropriate choice or click the Detect Keyboard Layout. Click the Continue button. (see fig. 6)

fig. 6 -- Selecting Keyboard Layout

“Who are you?” This is where you create your user name and password for your computer. Fill in the appropriate boxes accordingly. You also need to select if you want to log in automatically or require a password to be entered during log in. If you want your home folder encrypted, place a mark in the box; otherwise leave it blank. (see fig. 7)

fig. 7 -- "Who are you?"
Creating your user name and password

If all goes well during the installation process, the last window you will see will be “Installation Complete”. Congratulations! You have just installed Zorin OS 6 Core on your computer. You can click the Continue Testing button or Restart Now button to end the installation process. (see fig. 8)

fig. 8 -- Installation Complete

1.3 - How to get Zorin OS 6 Core?

Zorin OS 6 Core is free and available to download as an .iso file from the Zorin OS website. The operating system is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Listed below is the link to download Zorin OS 6.


1.2 - Software included in Zorin OS 6 Core

Zorin Look Changer

Zorin Web Browser Manager

GIMP Image Editor

Shotwell Photo Manager


     LibreOffice Calc (spreadsheet)

     LibreOffice Draw

      LibreOffice Impress (slide show presentation)

     LibreOffice Writer (word processing)

Brasero Disc Burner

OpenShot Video Editor

Rhythmbox Music Player

VLC Media Player


1.1 - Introduction

Zorin OS 6 is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) that is LTS (Long Term Support) providing five years of security updates which ends in April 2017 and uses the Linux Kernel version 3.2. The Zorin Group released this version of the operating system on June 18, 2012. According to the Zorin website, the open source operating system is "designed specifically for Windows users who want to have easy and smooth access to Linux". The desktop environment is very similar to Windows 7 but not exactly. A computer user who is familiar with Windows 7 can quickly use Zorin OS 6.

Below are some screenshots of Zorin OS 6.

Login Screen


System Details


I have been a Zorin OS user since version 5.2 was released. When Zorin OS 6 Core was released, I decided to upgrade because the operating system is based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Long Term Service) providing five years of security updates. Currently, I have Zorin OS 6 Core installed on four different computers. I am primarily a Windows 7 user and use Zorin OS 6 as my secondary operating system. Three computers have Windows 7 and Zorin OS 6 in a dual-boot setup. I have an old Gateway laptop that had Windows XP and decided to replace it with Zorin.

At this, time I am writing a manual for Zorin OS 6 from a beginner's point of view. I believe the best way of learning is by teaching others and by doing so enhances my willingness to learn even more. I plan on writing more topics when I have the time. Listed below are some of the various topics I want to include in my manual.

* Installing Zorin
* Post Installation
* Login Screen
* Desktop Environment

This manual is definitely a work in progress.