Sunday, October 6, 2013

How To Customize Gnome 2 Desktop Menu Bar

GNOME 2 Menu Bar

Hover the mouse cursor to a blank area of the top menu bar and press <SUPER> + <ALT> + <Right Click>.  (Note: SUPER KEY is also known as the Windows KEY). You should see the following box pop up:

Selecting "Add to Panel" displays the following:

You can add or remove items to customize your menu bar.

By hovering the mouse cursor over an item in the menu bar and pressing <SUPER> + <ALT> + <Right Click> the following box will appear:

The GNOME2 menu bar already has the following items installed:
  * Indicator Applet Complete (noted in RED)
  * Menu Bar (noted in BLUE)

You can customize the menu bar to your personnel preferences by adding and deleting items.