Thursday, November 15, 2012

1.8 - Nautilus (File Manager)

1.8.1 - Brief Overview

Nautilus is the file manager for Zorin OS 6 that is similar to Explorer in Windows. This is where you manage your files and folders on your computer. There is excellent documentation available on how to use Nautilus by selecting Help and All Topics or pressing the F1 key for more specific topics if you wish to learn more.

1.8.2 - Quick Tips

Tip #1:
Activate the Status Bar. Select View and Statusbar. The status bar appears at the bottom of the Nautilus window. This displays the number of items of a particular folder currently in view and the available space on the hard drive.

Tip #2:
Change the Date format in List View from long to short. Select Edit > Preferences > Display > Format.

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